QuakeFeed Privacy Policy

We've tried to write our privacy policy in simple, understandable language. Please let us know if there is anything that is not clear! Our contact information is listed at the bottom of this page.


If you enable location services, when you open QuakeFeed your device location will be captured and stored locally within the app (not on our server) to provide the following functionality:

  • To calculate your distance from an earthquake event, for display in the Quake Details and for sorting/filtering the Quake List by Distance.
  • To display your current location on the Quake Map (i.e., the blue dot).
  • To center the Quake Map on your location when you tap the GPS button.

If you enable location services, QuakeFeed may periodically determine your location relative to and within third-party merchant locations to provide you with the following functionality:

  • Show tips and information when you enter participating local venues and open the QuakeFeed app.

You can control how QuakeFeed uses your location information by using the iOS Settings app to adjust the Location Services settings. Refer to our Privacy FAQ for detailed instructions.

Device and Usage Informatio

When you use the Email Support feature in QuakeFeed, the following information about your device is appended to the bottom of the email message body:

  • Device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod)
  • iOS Version
  • QuakeFeed Build Number
  • Token (enables us to look up your push notification settings on our server)

We use this information to help troubleshoot problems you may be experiencing with QuakeFeed. If you prefer not to share this information then you can take the following actions:

  • Delete the Device, iOS Version, Build Number, and/or Token from the body of the email; or
  • Do not send your support email from within the app.

If you enable Location Services, then QuakeFeed may collect device and usage information that may include: (i) device make, model, operating system, advertising identifier, and similar device information; (ii) information about your use of features, functions, or notifications on the device; and (iii) WiFi or Bluetooth signal strength, battery level, and similar technical data. If you enable background location services, QuakeFeed may collect this information even while you are not using the app.

The information we collect may be shared with third-party business partners who commit to comply with applicable laws concerning their usage of the information. Our third party business partners retain your information in accordance with their own retention policies. Our third-party business partners may share the information with their own third-party business partners for the purposes of:

  • Operating and improving their services.
  • Providing you with advertisements and information on products and services.
  • Carrying out other purposes that are disclosed to you and to which you consent.

You can opt out of background data collection by using the iOS Settings app to adjust the Location Services settings. Refer to our Privacy FAQ for detailed instructions.

Email Address

When you use the Email Support feature in QuakeFeed, your email address will be included in the From line of your email. We only use your email address for replying to your support request. We do not share it with any third-parties. If you do not wish for us to have your email address, then do not use the Email Support feature of QuakeFeed.


We aggregate metrics for the number of QuakeFeed users by State and Major City within the USA and by country outside of the USA. When you open the QuakeFeed app, your location is sent to a third-party analytics server to calculate these metrics. However, your location is not saved and cannot be tied to you personally. We use these aggregate metrics to better understand the QuakeFeed user community and to prioritize the development of new features.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns then we'd like to know! Please contact us here:

Artisan Global LLC (the creators of QuakeFeed)

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